Brooke White: NCAA Division I Hockey: Northeastern University Huskies Co-Captain

Women’s hockey shows grit

By Kimberly Peterson News Staff

A 6-3 loss is no way to ring in the New Year, and the Northeastern women’s hockey team found this out the hard way as they let a 2-0 lead dis­sipate to Providence College.

The Huskies (5-9-2) brought one of the best first periods that they have had all season to the ice last Friday, They skated, they passed and they even scored. NU looked as if they had all the ingredients to pull a huge upset over the fifth-ranked Friars (10-4-3).

“We scored two goals and that hasn’t happened a lot of us this year. We scored a total of three goals and that hasn’t happened a lot for us this year either I am excited by what the team showed.” said coach Joy Woog.

Senior Brooke White gave the Huskies a 1-0 lead at 8:39 of the first period as she dug up a loose puck from behind the net and shot in a beautiful angled shot that left Providence goalie Jana Bugden looking behind her. NU went ahead 2 0 at 13:2 when senior Michelle Lorion picked up a loose puck and scored after banging home her own rebound. “We just wanted to come out and step it up, bring out game to another level, but the penalties in the game just killed us,” said White. “On five on five we dominated.”

“You can’t blame losing a game on the referees. Sometimes calls go your way, sometimes they don’t. Today, obviously they did not go our way, but you have to play the pans through bad calls,” said NU junior goalie Chanda Gunn.

*Images & Article from Northeastern News

Providence would go ahead to score five goals, thoroughly outplaying the Huskies for the rest of the game. The Huskies would not get on the board again until 9:22 of the third period, on yet another great effort by White. Providence lost sight of the puck and were caught with their defenders out of position, sophomore Lori DiGiacomo took full advantage of the breakdown and sent in Brooke White, who had no problem forcing out Bugden and sliding it in right behind her.

Though the Huskies played Inspired hockey, PC proved be too much In the end. The Huskies had just better hope that they can stay out of the box.